Thursday, 7 June 2012

Victoria's Secret Strawberries + Champagne Fragrance Mist

Today I'm going to be doing my first ever fragrance review. I'm really excited to write this one as I am sharing my thoughts on my favourite ever fragrance - Victoria's Secret Strawberries + Champagne.

Unfortunately this perfume isn't available in the UK but I managed to get it from Bath and Body Shop for just £10.99. 

I feel that this fragrance stays true to its name and really does smell like strawberries and champagne - predominantly like strawberries. This is as the name suggests, only a fragrance mist so I wasn't expecting it to last as long as other perfumes in my collection but I was shocked to find it's actually one of the longest lasting fragrances I own!

I also find this fragrance mist great for when it's hot and I need a quick pick-me-up throughout the day. The only thing I could fault with this is the large bottle size which might be hard to fit into certain handbags although this is not a problem for me personally.

Overall, I love this perfume and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new summer scent!

Courtney x